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Spider pets?

Everyone has their favourite pet – I like goldfish the best, most people probably have a preference for cats or dogs, or maybe rabbits. Some people though have very unusual pets such as a lizard, a snake or even a … Continue reading

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It’s a Dog’s Life – So At Least Keep Him Covered with Dog Insurance

Most pet dogs have things pretty easy – sleeping as they please, food delivered daily, lots of walks (even in the rain), but should dog insurance be another one of those things us servile humans should provide for them? Dog … Continue reading

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Son of Tigeradoodle? Animal fun…

Well, here was me thinking that the recently reported Tigeradoodle phenomenon was something new. Judging by this YouTube clip though, it looks like the Tigeradoodle may be an even older breed than originally suspected! http://youtu.be/AyhYsJVX_do

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Pets and the recession: my thoughts

I don’t know the provenance of the phrase about a dog being for life, not just for Christmas, but it’s still a bit of a classic. I never had a dog when I was a kid, so it made me … Continue reading

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Hello everyone!

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting our blog. We are a group of pet enthusiasts from Scotland that are keen to get blogging about our favourite topic, animals! We aim to discuss all things animal on this blog – along … Continue reading

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